Our Differentiators:

We Implement

Other firms are adept at identifying problems and showing solutions to their clients, but they fall short when implementing the change. Not at HFConsulting. We unlock possibilities and work with you and your team to drive decision-making, accelerate revenue, increase profit, and improve accountability and culture.

Our Expertise

When you work with HFConsulting, you get the depth and breadth of support normally afforded to Fortune 500 companies, at a fraction of the cost. Our bench of Alliance Partners brings extensive experience in Finance, Operations, Strategic Planning, Transition and Exit Planning, and Executive Coaching and Leadership Development. These Alliance Partners are former C-Suite executives (CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s) who have overcome many of the challenges that our clients face.

We Tackle the Fundamental & Behavioral Aspects of Business

We look at your business from two points of view, the fundamental business disciplines you face every day, including winning new customers, deploying smart business models, manufacturing products, developing strategy, setting price, working a business process, etc. and we also consider the subjective aspects or human behavioral dynamics…the passionate way things are carried out, the interrelationships in group dynamics, churning through a decision, communicating clearly, and managing conflict. For a company to scale, both aspects are essential.

We Tell You the Hard Truth

Company leadership often goes unchallenged. Our clients say that we help them think differently about their business. We raise awareness, challenge basic assumptions and broaden thinking, allowing for both personal and business growth.

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