In the right hands, exit planning isn’t a business necessity, but a business asset. Owners, key stakeholders and the organizations they’re leaving rest easy knowing that exit plans are not only exhaustive and well-timed, but strategically designed to move business forward.

Haefele Flanagan views exit planning through this exact lens. We work closely with all necessary parties to ease and optimize seasons of transition, positioning exits as growth opportunities rather than liabilities.

Haefele Flanagan | HFConsulting designed exit plans offer the following to individuals and businesses:
  • Actualization of business and personal goals
  • Valuation maximization and protection
  • Assessments including PREScore™ and Freedom Score
  • Retirement and financial security planning
  • Preserved family harmony
  • Reduced employee and family uncertainty
  • Tax optimizations – minimize, defer, eliminate capital gain, estate and income taxes
  • A variety of strategic options from which to choose

It’s never too early to begin the exit planning process, but it can often be too late. In our experience, it takes at least three years of advance planning to achieve optimal results. We cannot overemphasize the importance of reaching out to Haefele Flanagan as soon as an exit becomes a possibility. 

Today’s turbulent business landscape demand new levels of knowledge, expertise and experience where transitions are concerned. Haefele Flanagan’s exit planning professionals offer the experience and qualifications necessary to develop a blueprint that benefits everyone involved, from your leadership to your clients to your bottom line.  

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