Mergers and acquisitions can usher in growth – if they’re well executed. Haefele Flanagan partners with and empowers companies at various points in the merger and acquisition process, reviewing transactions and identifying opportunities for improvement.

From merger risk management and due diligence services to acquisition risk assessment and tax efficient deal structuring, our expert team of former CFOs and controllers brings an operational focus and crucial sets of “extra eyes” to your pivotal transaction. 

Then there are the practical matters. As companies expand and combine, they often face operational growing pains that, left unchecked, can dampen morale and do a number on short-term and even long-term success. Haefele Flanagan’s experts know what to look for, not only helping you navigate hidden risks and headaches, but also mining mergers and acquisitions for hidden opportunity.

Merger and acquisition-related services offered by Haefele Flanagan | HFConsulting include:
  • Helping you identify the right company to merge with or acquire
  • Assisting with valuing and structuring the acquisition, sale or restructure of a business to maximize economic, tax, financial and business benefits
  • Performing buy-side due diligence services
  • Assisting with sell-side transaction services
  • Identifying post-merger integration strategies including purchase price allocation
  • Developing and implementing business succession plan options and strategies
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