Financial Planning Consultants

We see it all the time: “Comprehensive” financial plans that lack key tax and business considerations, putting financial futures on the line. This is a frightening side effect of limited tax and accounting knowledge among a surprising number of financial planners. 

With Haefele Flanagan, your financial success doesn’t hinge on the opinions of one person. Haefele Flanagan employs a team approach that taps the expertise of many internal staffers, adding up to a truly exhaustive and truly well designed financial plan.

Using your short- and long-term financial goals as a starting point, we thoroughly analyze your current finances for a clear understanding of your position today relative to your vision for your future. From there, advisors work with you to develop sound strategies for reaching your goals.

In addition to CPAs, Haefele Flanagan offers Certified Financial Planners™ and personal financial specialists who map tried and true financial strategies to your desired endgame.  

If you don’t have a plan for your financial future– or if you’re not certain that your existing plan includes proper attention to all variables – contact us. Haefele Flanagan will put you on the track to financial success, explaining every suggestion and decision along the way. 

Haefele Flanagan’s Financial Planning Services Include:
  • Assessing and preparing for your financial needs over both the short and long-term
  • Determining retirement needs and preferences, outlining methods for accumulating the resources needed to achieve them
  • Establishing education savings plans for your children or grandchildren
  • Developing, implementing, and updating an estate plan that achieves your clearly defined goals
  • Evaluating your life, disability, and long-term care insurance
  • Analysis of and assistance in aligning your investments with your financial goals
  • Wealth planning

Estate Planning Consultants

Everyone needs an estate plan, not only to make things easier for loved ones down the road, but to strategically create, use, preserve and protect your assets and legacy today.  

Haefele Flanagan’s advisors strategically navigate the complexities of estate planning, working closely with you (as well as with your attorney and financial advisor, if applicable) to develop a personalized estate plan. As circumstances warrant (new heirs, new tax legislation, changes in business holdings and other assets, etc.) we revisit this plan to ensure that it reflects those developments. 

Haefele Flanagan’s estate planning services accomplish the following: 

  • Clearly define your estate planning needs and goals
  • Organize and create your estate planning team, involving experts on law, finance and taxes as/if needed
  • Evaluate and recommend estate planning options
  • Organize and review your estate planning documents including current wills, trusts, health care and power of attorney
  • Lessen taxes at the time of death
  • Arrange for management of your estate in the event you are incapacitated
  • Draft a working plan for conserving and effectively managing your estate after death
  • Transfer the assets of your estate to heirs and charities in accordance with your wishes
  • Amend your plan as needed

We also advise on the following: 

  • Living wills and trusts
  • Lifetime family wealth transfers
  • Family partnerships and other business relationships
  • Charitable donations
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