Non-profits, such as charitable and volunteer organizations, can now apply for and renew a Pennsylvania sales tax exemption. The Department of Revenue launched this online application on myPATH in late 2023 to deliver a new, streamlined tool for its customers. 

The sales tax exemption allows institutions of purely public charity to avoid paying Pennsylvania’s 6 percent sales tax on purchases made on behalf of the institution’s charitable purpose. Now that all of the information can be uploaded online, non-profit organizations can secure their exemption certificates as quickly as possible, renew their exemptions when they need to, and view the status of their applications in real time.

Prior to the launch of the online application, non-profit organizations were required to submit a paper application form (called the REV-72). The paper-based process resulted in a lengthy turnaround time, due in part to the volume of applications that were received and the detailed supporting documentation that was required to verify each organization’s non-profit status. The paper-based process often resulted in incomplete applications, which required the Department to request additional information from the applicants. As a result, processing was often delayed as the Department waited to receive this information. 

The goal of this new filing option is to improve the Commonwealth’s process for Pennsylvania non-profit organizations. 


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