What is Business Exit Planning?

Business Exit Planning is a process that helps business owners plan for the sale or transfer of their business. Exit planning advisors provide a variety of services to help Philadelphia business owners prepare for this transition and have access to an extensive network of vetted professionals that can be valuable resources as you consider your options.

What makes exit planning so important for businesses in Philadelphia?

Exit planning is important for all businesses, but it is especially critical for businesses in Philadelphia. This is because Philadelphia is becoming more of a business hub and has several business-focused opportunities. The city has a variety of programs and incentives that can save businesses money on taxes, making it an attractive destination for some businesses.

Exit Planning Advisors in Philadelphia

An exit planning advisor can help you take advantage of these programs and maximize the value of your business. They can also help you navigate the complex process of selling or transferring your business, ensuring that the transition is smooth and successful.

A qualified advisor will help you identify your goals, determine a timeline, and create and implement your plan. They consider all the issues such as protecting the value of your business, succession planning, the transition of your management team, maintaining client relationships, generating income for retirement, and the potential tax impact.

If you are a business owner in Philadelphia, exit planning is an essential part of preparing for the future and it’s never too early to begin the process. In our experience, it takes at least three years of advanced planning to achieve optimal results. An exit planning advisor can help create a blueprint that considers financial market trends, ensures the maximum value for your business, and provides a smooth transition for its future.

What are the benefits of exit planning for Philly Businesses?

There are many benefits of exit planning, including maximizing the value of your business, minimizing taxes, preparing your workforce, maintaining client relationships, and creating a smooth transition for the future of your business. 
Exit planning is an essential part of preparing for the future of your business, and an exit planning professional can help you take advantage of these benefits.

What should you look for in an exit planning advisor?

When choosing an exit planning firm, it is important to choose one that you are comfortable with, one that has experience in your industry and in the city of Philadelphia. Also, the firm should also be able to provide a variety of services and have an extensive network of professionals to help you achieve your exit goals. Haefele Flanagan checks all of these boxes and has been doing business in the Philadelphia area for over 50 years

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