When it comes to growing, protecting, and realizing the value of your business, do you know where to start?

Haefele Flanagan is kicking off 2024 with The Value Builder System™, to provide relevant business content, assessments, and services, only offered exclusively through an experienced and authorized group of advisors.

With Value Builder, entrepreneurs get a statistically proven, structured methodology for building the value of a company. After analyzing more than 52,000+ businesses, analysts at The Value Builder System™ have discovered that companies with a Value Builder Score of 90+ received offers that are significantly higher than an average-scoring business. 

Founded by John Warrillow, author of “Built to Sell”, the core of the system is The Value Builder Score™ that evaluates a business on the eight core value drivers acquirers take into consideration when buying companies. The Value Builder Score™ gives a comprehensive assessment of the “Sellability” of your business, whether you want to sell next year or just to know that you’re building a valuable asset. Haefele Flanagan is offering the assessment at no charge and with this information, business owners have the option of starting a Value Builder engagement to improve one or more of these eight value drivers.

In addition, Haefele Flanagan will offer two additional complimentary assessments – the PREScore™ that evaluates a business owner’s readiness on a personal level to exit their company and the Freedom Score that evaluates the financial readiness to fund the next phase of life, both essential when considering a transition or exit.

Value Builder also has a library of business-related articles, podcasts, webinars, and downloads that we will offer free to our clients and professional network. We hope you subscribe to our emails and follow us on LinkedIn to share this journey with us.

On February 4-6, Partner Hal Levenson and Beth Renga, Director of Consulting Services will attend the Value Builder Summit in Orlando, FL – just one more way we enhance our toolbox to help our Haefele Flanagan clients.

If you have questions about any part of The Value Builder System™, please contact Beth at beth.renga@hfco.com

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